Eytan is a singer,

songwriter and producer based in Queens, New York. He is best known as the singer of smash hit single “After the Rain”, a song relating to his own personal struggles, which gathered an audience of over 150,000 on YouTube.

Born in Queens, New York, Eytan was already turning ears and heads with his voice at the tender age of 16.

Growing up in the Big Apple, Eytan was struck by the raw power that music commands in inspiring lives, and changing it for the better.

This focus – coupled with Eytan’s drive, would later fuel his determination to stray away from the mainstream – instead, focusing his efforts on producing and making music that people can relate to in times of struggle or in need of an uplifting message.

In 2010, Eytan made two trips to Israel in order to release his first album, titled “The Best Thing In My Life”, featuring 2 international superstars, which led to six #1 hits on international radio

Eytan then released an EP in 2013 titled “After The Rain”, in which he wrote lyrics for almost the entire album.

Following which, Eytan released 2 music videos that year, “After The Rain” & “Only Got One Night”, both which were well received by his fans.

In 2014, Eytan released a single called “No More”, a song for hope and strength.

His efforts have been praised by the likes of rapper NELLY and producer to Lady Gaga; Vince Herbert.

Eytan released his latest video, “Falling in Love” in 2015.